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Technical and pedagogical animators ensure together the physical and moral security of young people. They must listen to these young volunteers. They work together on a construction site and share new professional experiences by learning the technical and interpersonal skills of all the participants (knowledge, know-how and savoir-être) and by connecting the participants with the local population. , elected officials of the municipality and / or the partner association. The animators share good moments in community and commit themselves to participate in the building sites. The main objective is to bring young people to autonomy.

Description of the technical leader functions

The technical animator usually works during the morning, accompanied by the pedagogical animator (s). Its particular role is to transmit technical skills to the volunteers, it supervises the activities of the building site and sets the objectives of the morning of work. Whatever the support of the site, the quality of the work done will always be a fundamental objective. Nevertheless, the age and abilities of young people will be taken into account for the level of technicality that will be expected of them, knowing that technical support must also be used as an educational tool.
A technical animator, in the frame of a workcamp,
      • ensure the presentation of the work and the explanation of the site: depending on the group and individuals, the supervisor should not hesitate to rephrase if necessary
      • ensure the proper use and respect of materials and materials, and empower young volunteers when storing and cleaning equipment
      • pay attention to the equitable distribution of tasks and the formulation of work instructions according to the possibilities of each and the path to be built; ensure compliance with the rules of procedure
      • will have to allow young volunteers to gain some autonomy and proceed to the verification of work

Description of the functions of pedagogical leader

The pedagogical animator accompanies the technical animator during the work session and supervises the activities and daily life of the young volunteers. The quality of the educational project will result from the educational project of the association responsible for the site and will promote access to autonomy. He supervises the young volunteers before, during and after the construction. An educational facilitator, in the frame of a workcamp,
    • ensure the physical and moral security of the group and defuse or manage any conflicts
    • enable young people to be involved in their stay, including by involving them in time and budget management activities
    • take charge of the construction of daily life with volunteers (work, free time, leisure ...)
    • Promote respect for others

Expected human qualities:
  • Ability to work in a team and strong taste for contact
  • Pedagogue, unifying, organized, rigorous, dynamic and positive
  • Ability to adapt, listening skills, conflict management capacity
  • Want to transmit knowledge and heritage and environmental values
Supervision of the teenage workcamp : 1 animator for 12 minors. Holidays: minimum of 50% of qualified animators (BAFA or equivalent) maximum of 20% of non-graduate animators.

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