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Cotravaux is the national coordinator of voluntary youth work

The member associations of Cotravaux have chosen to work together and create a permanent place for discussions, exchanges and reflections.
  This regular dialogue allows them to share practices, experiences, devise joint actions, to develop positions, at national level as well as at regional level. It is mainly around voluntary commitments that coordination focuses its work. These commitments, in the multiple forms they take, contribute to the formation of citizens.

Since 1959, Cotravaux aims to promote voluntary action and promote its development throughout the national territory. First established as a "co-management organization for the voluntary work of young people", since 1987 Cotravaux has been coordinating associations.  
Cotravaux is the national coordinator of voluntary youth work
Since 2004, Cotravaux has been structured with the creation of regional coordinations, open to local associations. In Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, it is CORAC that ensures this coordination. 50 years of shared convictions, actions and reflections for Cotravaux and its network.