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> Workcamp, what is it ?

A workcamp, what is it?

  • A place for meetings and exchanges between volunteers from all walks of life
  • A place of collective life: meals, outings and stewardship are organized within the group. The opportunity to share one's culture and discover that of others.
  • A place to learn technical work and traditional know-how, but also a place of discovery of foreign languages, group life, development of autonomy, etc.
  • A place of activities and leisure activities in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region, through activities combining culture, nature, sport, festivities or simply idleness and meetings with the local population
 2 000 volunteers from France and around the world live each year this adventure in the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur region. Motivated by the desire to live a useful holiday, passionate about heritage, environment or driven by sharing and solidarity, they find themselves the time of a stay to learn French and discover traditional techniques of heritage.

Who are the workcamps for ?

The sites are accessible from 13 years and without age limit. Volunteer sites are open to any volunteer, girls or boys, French or foreign, which is part of a volunteer approach of meeting, active participation in the life of the group and the realization of the project. Registration without conditions of diplomas or special skills.

How are the workcamp organized ?

What is the duration of a workcamp ? The stays last two to three weeks, they are articulated between work time, leisure time and discoveries. Through sports, cultural and outdoor activities, the site lends itself to the discovery of a territory, on the fringes of mass tourism.
They take place between April and November.

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What can be the themes of a workcamp ?

  • Rehabilitation, restoration and preservation of the built heritage
  • Protection of the environment, eco-construction and sustainable development
  • Development of socio-educational places

How to organize the supervision of a workcamp ?

The association that organizes the workcamp and welcomes volunteers provides for the entire duration of the site facilitators. For adult workcamps, at least one educational facilitator to facilitate group life and a technical supervisor who supervises the work. And for teen workcamps, at least three animators "group life" and a technical supervisor.

How to find a workcamp ?

Go to the homepage of the website! You will find all the sites organized in the region that you can classify by dates, ages, themes, departments or associations organizing sites.


What are the terms and fees for a worcamp ?

Each site sheet contains the coordinates of the organizing association and a link to its workcamp. It is with each of them that you will formalize your registration, once your choice of site will be made.
Registration fees are to be paid to the organizing association. They cover membership, insurance and living expenses on site (accommodation, meals and activities for the most part). They vary between € 90 and € 160 for an adult construction site, and between € 350 and € 450 for an adolescent construction site, depending on the length of stay, the location and the terms of the association.    
A little history : The Youth Volunteer Movement was born in 1920, after the First World War, in a spirit of peace building. The gathering of young volunteers of different nationalities on the same site aimed to develop a sense of international solidarity that was to remove forever the specter of war. From 1945, the movement is accentuated, while the urgent need to intervene with the most deprived is added the need for reconstruction and economic and social recovery within the country. We are witnessing the creation of numerous associations.